Weather Alert: As of now, this event is still planned to occur as scheduled. If there are any changes, it will be shown in red in this spot.

2020 Women's Evergreen State Pinball Championship, sponsored by 8-Bit Arcade

Thursday January 16, 2020, 8:00pm, at 8-Bit Arcade

The first annual Women's Evergreen State Pinball Championship will crown the best women pinball player in Washington State.

Mirroring the IFPA World's Women Pinball Championship and the IFPA State Championship Series, qualification for the event will be based on year-long performance in IFPA-sanctioned leagues and tournaments, and the championship itself will be a head-to-head single-elimination bracket.

The top 16 women players in the state will participate in head-to-head competition to establish the champion. The top 16 will be determined based on the top 8 players in Women-Only events and the top 8 women players in Open events.

If a player is unable to attend, the next highest ranked player in the respective ranking will be provided the opportunity.

Entry Fee: $10


Players will be seeded based on their finishing position in the women-only or open events. Players in the women-only events will obtain the odd-numbered seeds (1, 3, 5, etc.), while players in the open events will obtain the even-numbered seeds (2, 4, 6, etc.). If a player qualifies from both rankings, the one that gives them the higher seed is the one that they will enter championship with, and the other will be replaced with an alternate.

A single-elimination bracket with standard seeding (1-16, 2-15, 3-14, etc.) will be played. Each round will consist of a best-of-five match, with first player obtaining 3 wins moving on to the next match. The higher seed chooses machine or position game one of a match. The loser of the game chooses machine or position for subsequent games.

The consolation finals for 3rd and 4th will be a best-of-three match.

The winner of the bracket will be crowned Washington State's Women's Pinball Champion.

Prize Pool

8-Bit Arcade is sponsoring the tournament, providing trophies and plaques, supplementing the prize pool, and will provide $5 in quarters to every player.

Champion: $100 + Trophy
2nd Place: $70 + Plaque
3rd Place: $50 + Plaque
4th Place: $20 + Plaque

Qualification Standings

Women's Standings in IFPA Open Events, 2019
Women's Standings in IFPA Women-only Events, 2019

Standings consider ALL events played during 2019 (and not just top 20).